Stephen O'Sullivan


“Do a bit, but do it often!”  was a quote from an old English teacher of mine that always stuck.

For me, keeping yourself fit and healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. But it does require a small bit of effort and discipline.

Want to know my magic formula for success?

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My magic formula is simple.


A good nights sleep, some nutritious meals, and regular exercise will take you a long way.

Too often I see people looking for the next quick fix, the next fad diet, the next new form of training to achieve fast results.

In reality the key to success is simple. CONSISTENCY!! Doing a bit, and doing it often.

The best form of exercise is the one you enjoy the most. The best diet plan is the one you look forward to eating and can be consistent with.

My aim as a Personal Trainer is to get as many people active as I can, getting them feeling the best they’ve ever felt, and getting them to stay that way!

If you’re looking to start some gym based training then look no further.

Our team of Personal Trainers at Kiwifit Glasnevin will help you get in the best shape of your life.

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