Kiwifit Glasnevin Training Packages

At Kiwifit we want to see as many people getting active as we can.

Our aim is to provide people with high quality coaching and all the benefits of 1-1 personal training but at an affordable cost.

Small Group Personal Training provides people with the main benefits of PT such as accountability to showing up to the gym, goal setting, progress tracking, and knowledgeable trainers to lean on for advice, all while training with a small, fun and friendly group of like minded individuals, at a time that suits YOUR schedule.

Small Group Personal Training is our premium service here at Kiwifit Glasnevin. Its for people looking for RESULTS!

If you are looking to make a big change to your health and fitness this could be just what you need.

  • 3 & 6 week Kickstart Program (€120/€200)

This is our Trial Plan for Small Group Personal Training. It allows you to experience all we have to offer without making a commitment to a monthly membership. It includes a 1-1 consultation with a personal trainer at the start end end of the program, 9(3 week)/ 16(6 week) half hour training sessions at a time to suit your schedule, nutritional guidance, and progress tracking. (This is a once off trial program for new clients or anyone who has been out of the gym more than 12 months)

  • Monthly Small Group Personal Training (from €139 p/m)

Should you wish to continue training with our Small Group PT service we have monthly memberships depending on how many times per week you can commit to training in the gym. These memberships still include regular consultations with your trainer, nutritional support and progress tracking. More details on pricing can be found by joining our booking system using the link below.

  • Monthly Bootcamp (€80 p/m)

BOOTCAMP is our group fitness classes (9-12 people). Looking for a good sweat? Then this could be the option for you. Classes are on at set times but this membership allows you to unlimited classes per week. The timetable can be viewed through our booking system using the link below.

  • Off Peak gym use (€50 p/m)

This membership is for personal gym use between the hours of 11am-4pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturday. All sessions still have to be booked in advance using our booking system. This membership is ideal for anyone working from home that wants to break away and get a gym session in on their own.

Personal Training (One to One)

Are you looking for more than just a training program? Do you want help in achieving your goal? Do you want a program specific to you that will get results? We have a number of personal training options to suit your training experience and your budget.

Personal training is our one on one service. You get all the attention! With our personal training service you get a thorough assessment including body fat measurements, mobility and strength assessments and nutritional analysis. We provide you with personalised training programs and nutritional advice and guidelines.

Having regular personal training sessions will ensure that you attain your goals and continue to make progress. This is for clients who are keen to achieve results and want the attention to detail that a trainer can provide.

Contact us for further information and prices.