Terms and Conditions

Kiwifit Glasnevin Limited 

Registration of Incorporation number 549791

Kiwifit 275 Glasnevin Ave, Glasnevin, Dublin 11

Matthew Corbett Trading as Kiwifit (Kiwifit Sutton)

11 Seagrove House, Sutton Cross, Sutton, Dublin 13

Privacy Policy: All information provided to Kiwifit and Kiwifit Glasnevin Limited will remain confidential and will not be shared with any other 3rd party.

Membership: On your membership being accepted you are committed for a period of no less than 1 month. Memberships are to be paid by standing order on either the 1st or the 15th of each month.  Monthly payments shall be made in advance.  Memberships will be renewed monthly automatically, unless written notice of cancellation has been given.

Classes are not included in membership. Some classes and workshops may require a supplement to be paid in addition to membership.

The owner may withdraw the use of all or part of the club for the purpose of undertaking maintenance work or any other work considered necessary. Compensation will not be given for such closure. The club management reserves the right to utilize club facilities for special events, classes or other activities it may deem desirable.

Cancellation: 30 Days’ notice of cancellation must be given in writing to the owner of Kiwifit. Membership fees are required up to the day of cancellation.

Membership may be terminated by management at any time for violation of any rule or regulation of the club or for conduct deemed to be detrimental to the welfare, good order or character of the club or its members at the sole discretion of management. The owner and management of the club reserve the right to require any member, guest or other person to leave the premises at any time.

Membership not renewed within 10 days of its expiry will be considered expired. Standing order payments will automatically be renewed unless notified as above.

Refunds: If a member wishes to terminate his/her membership before expiration of its term no refunds or concessions will be made.

The owner reserves the rights to restrict the number of persons using the club at any one time.

Members are aware that the facility may from time to time be unsupervised.

Membership fee will be reviewed annually and management reserve the right to increase fees as required. Written notification will be given of any price increase.

Membership is not transferable from person to person. Members will be permitted to bring a guest provided the guest completes a health questionnaire prior to commencing any activity in the club. A fee will be charged for guests of €10. Guests must abide by all club rules.

Members shall not use the facilities of the club whilst under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, anti-histamines, vasa constrictors, narcotics or tranquilizers.

Unless expressly stated in the Kiwifit health questionnaire the member acknowledges that he/she is in good health and is not suffering from any illness or medical condition.

Members with diabetes, heart problems, high/low blood pressure, on strong medical prescriptions or have any form of medical condition should consult with their doctor before using any of the clubs equipment. Members may be asked to provide a letter of clearance from their GP.

Members are advised not to undergo any strenuous physical activity for which they may be medically unfit and the owner will not be in any way responsible for any harm which may come to as member as a result of any such activity. Members are advised to have a medical check-up before embarking on strenuous activity.

Members are required to dress in a proper manner appropriate to the various club activities. Clean sport shoes and socks are permitted when using the gym.

All members are expected to behave properly in the interest of the correct use and enjoyment of the gym. Any members whose conduct is considered to be detrimental to the best interest of the gym or its reputation may have his/her membership suspended or terminated.