Sutton Training Packages

Gym membership.

AS a private fitness centre we offer a professional and comfortable training environment for our members. Our facility provides you with all the tools necessary to train effectively. As a member you have 24 hour access to the gym so you can come and go at your leisure.

Our staff are available to assist you with your training and answer any queries that you may have.

Personal Training (One to One)

Are you looking for more than just a training program? Do you want help in achieving your goal? Do you want a program specific to you that will get results? We have a number of personal training options to suit your training experience and your budget.

Personal training is our one on one service. You get all the attention! With our personal training service you get a thorough assessment including bodyfat measurements, mobility and strength assessments and nutritional analysis. We provide you with personalised training programs and nutritional advice and guidelines.

Having regular personal training sessions will ensure that you attain your goals and continue to make progress. This is for clients who are keen to achieve results and want the attention to detail that a trainer can provide.

Buddy Training (2-3 to One)

Buddy training is the same as personal training but you do it with one or two friends. Buddy training can be a cost effective alternative to personal training. You get the same high quality service although the trainers time is split between you and friends. This can also be beneficial in terms of motivating each other and having fun training sessions.

Group Personal Training (4 to 8)

Our group training is designed for you to achieve great results in a group setting. Kiwifit group training runs in monthly blocks and at set days/times per month. While the training is in a group setting we limit our group numbers so that we maintain a high quality service in terms of programming, corrective instruction and motivation.

Personal Training and Gym membership combinations.

At Kiwifit we are able to provide you with the facilities to do your training between sessions with your trainer. Combining personal training with a gym membership means that you can train between sessions with your trainer.

Contact us for further information and prices.