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Please note that these testimonials are based upon individual results. Results may vary.

When I had my first consultation with Matt back in October I was in a pretty bad place.  I was very overweight and out of shape and as a result of that my confidence and self-esteem were on the floor, I disliked and would even go as far as saying hated everything about myself and every new situation that came up in my life frightened me.  I was terrified even going to that very first meeting with Matt but I needn’t have been because Matt put me at ease very quickly.  He was very normal, nice, friendly and easy going and I felt comfortable with him from the beginning – that was very important to me because you have to feel comfortable with somebody if your going to trust them to work with you regularly and get you back into shape, right?

I actually started training with Matt on Friday 7th November and soon as I walked into the gym I felt panicky and very much out of my comfort zone but Matt just got on with it and soon I forgot about my nerves – I had never really been to a gym before so I didn’t know what to expect and boy did he work me hard! I definitely had a wee bit of soreness for a day or two afterwards!!

I’ve been training with Matt for 3 months and now I really like the gym.  Matt is a fabulous trainer and with his guidance and support I have achieved a 3 stone weight loss, 12% fat loss and several inches lost from all over my body and most importantly a huge change in my mindset. He doesn’t make it easy but with his enthusiasm and encouragement the exercise is always manageable. I constantly challenge Matt myself with my never ending questions on nutrition and exercise and he has so much knowledge and expertise and is happy to share it with me. As a result I am becoming quite educated on the science of it all myself!

The 7th of November was day 1 and tomorrow will be day 100 of my new lifestyle and i can honestly say that I am a different person than when I started training with Matt. I now have my confidence and self-esteem back and I really like myself and that’s all down to eating clean and working out. I owe a huge thanks to Matt for helping me get my life back and for making my experience so far a very enjoyable one.

So for anyone out there who is overweight and depressed and think that change is impossible you are wrong –  If I can achieve these results and change my life than anyone can – you just need the courage to take the first step and then enlist the help of an awesome trainer (Matt) and then work your ass off day after day – consistency is the key!!!

Thanks Matt from the bottom of my heart for helping me believe in myself again and I look forward to continuing training with you and to hearing and seeing (pics) lots more about your lovely little family!!!



Martina 1Martina 2

My main reason for joining was that I simply wanted to get fit. I had become overweight, lethargic and lacked energy and it was very apparent because of a lack of will power I had.

Then I decided to join Kiwifit, a place where the staff would encourage me.

I was very impressed by the way I was taken so seriously. Every time I did my training programme, a member of the staff constantly egged me on and they really wanted me to succeed.

In no time, I found myself with abundant energy. Everything felt and tasted better.

The weight flew off and my sleeping habits greatly improved. I even took fitness seriously outside the gym. I am walking a lot more and using the car less.  The one good thing I was very impressed with was my change of temperament. I am a lot more cheerful and a lot of those negative thoughts that accompany being overweight and lack of fitness have disappeared.

Thank you very much!

Stefan Ghinea


Hi I’m Aoife, I’m 23 studying in my final year of college. I have been training at Kiwifit about 4 weeks and, I don’t even know where to start on how much of a positive impact it has had on my life already.

Last year my mam passed away suddenly, she was my best friend and it really changed my life in a way I didn’t even notice until I started training. I barely talked to anyone about it and all I did was eat sleep drink and smoke. I had gained so much weight and I could see the confidence I once had, slipping away slowly and I would over analyse how I looked, how I talked, how I acted around people until I eventually had no confidence left at all. The worst part was I didn’t even realise how bad I was because I kept lying to myself saying “ah, I’ll get my hair done” or “ah this shop does weird sizes’’. I refused to listen to anyone even though deep down I knew I was depressed and hated everything about myself.

I decided enough was enough and booked a consultation with Jessie, as soon as I walked in, there was such a friendly atmosphere and I felt like I could actually train here and not be afraid of what people thought of me or how I looked. I started and cut out all the crap food I was eating and starting eating healthier, After the 12 days I had lost up to 6 inches all over. I could feel myself getting back to the person I used to be and for the first time in not just the past year, but my life, I felt like I had control over how I felt and what I ate and I couldn’t believe it.

I have changed my whole routine; I noticed a massive change in my attitude towards myself and towards others. I find that I am working better and that I am less stressed. I even tried on a dress last week for the first time in 2 years and I felt comfortable enough in myself to buy it then for Christmas as a goal. I set myself mini goals rather than bigger ones because I find if you set yourself a goal of losing so much in a short time, it’s very unlikely you’ll reach it and it wouldn’t be healthy.

I would recommend Kiwifit to everyone! especially if you find going to a bigger gym daunting,  the place has a positive vibe and all the trainers are beyond lovely.  I still have a long journey but I am excited to reach my goals. Coming here has changed my life in ways I never imagined, you never know, it might just do the same for you too.


Before joining Kiwifit I wasn’t happy with my body; I was lazy and I knew I ate too much. I tried several gyms and different fitness classes and never saw any results. I heard about this gym from my friend and said I try it out. I had never dieted before and didn’t like the idea of it but they gave me a diet plan and thought me how to eat healthily. The trainers are very encouraging and friendly and pushed me harder than I could push myself. I joined in July and have seen significant results. Now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my body.


I’ve been a member of Kiwifit Glasnevin for almost six months now, and I love it! I joined to tone up and feel good about myself, I was never fat but I was unhealthy and unfit.  Now I’ve lost body fat, I eat better; I sleep better and have more energy.

I hated the gym before I joined Kiwifit but now with the instruction and help from the trainers I enjoy each session and generally work out 5 to 6 times a week.  The best part is, I’m now starting to see the results of my working out and clean eating which it the best feeling as it really shows that what you put into the gym is what you get out of it. The sessions are short and can fit into the busiest of schedules.

I would highly recommend that anyone feeling like they could use a confidence boost or would like to lose some weight to try out Kiwifit.


This is a refreshing change from the way “traditional” gyms operate, where the gym instructors hand members their workout card, give a quick explanation of the exercises, then run away and you never see them again.  The focus at Kiwifit is on each member’s goals and on getting the techniques right to maximise the benefit of each exercise and avoid possible injuries. As the gym operates on an appointment basis, there is every incentive to go and no excuse to stay away.

There is also a great focus on what our goals are and great encouragement from staff to attain these.  This very personal approach where the staff continually engages with clients in the gym is in direct contrast to the impersonal approach of many other big anonymous gyms.  Since last Spring I have lost almost a stone in weight (all fat) and lost 3 inches from my stomach. I expect to continue this progress and attain my goal to lose a further 3 inches from my waist by Spring of next year.


I’ve tried them all, Slimming world, Weightwatchers, Ben Dunne, spinning, running, treadmills, so when I joined Kiwifit, I thought it would be more of the same. Not so!

It is unlike anything I have ever experienced in the health / fitness world.  The atmosphere is friendly and the staff incredibly diligent.   Having a personalised programme helps me to keep on track and my fitness programme was designed with my goals in mind.

So far I have managed to drop inches and weight but most of all I feel better about what I am eating and have tons more energy.

Thanks so much Jesse, Will, Glen and Declan

Niamh C


For years I have been putting on the long finger getting into better shape and becoming a lot fitter.  My eating habits were not good and I knew that eventually it would catch up on me. One of my best friends has joined the gym and I could see the difference it made to him and asked him to see if he could get me an appointment.

I joined the gym and it was difficult at first and I found it very hard but I persevered and now I looked forward to going each day. I go 5 times a week and leave the weekends for free.

I am not going to say that its easy but what the gym has give me is the belief that I can achieve my goal and the confidence to do it.

When I go to the gym I know that someone is in my corner helping me to become a healthier and fitter person and that alone has made a difference to my everyday life.

I had a rough time last February, my girlfriend and I broke up and in the same week my appendix burst and I was in hospital for a while.  I had put on so much weight that I found it hard to go out in public or out to clubs and even look in the mirror.  At the age of 23 I was a size 40 in trousers and when I thought it couldn’t get worse I found out I had bad blood pressure because of my weight and I was told that I was in trouble. I really didn’t know what to do.

I was never really a gym person I always lost focus and end up letting people down, it got to the point that I found it hard going up the stairs in work I couldn’t believe how I let myself get so bad.  In July I ended up ringing Kiwifit, I needed help and the next day I was in back in the gym and signed up for the year.  Within two months I lost over 2 stone and changed my life around. I am a more happy person cause of the work that Declan ,Jessie, Glen and Will put into me to get me my goal.  I have never met such nice people in my life and they honestly do make the gym feel like a family.  They never gave up on me and I would specially like to thank Jessie and Declan for their friendship over the last few years and for not giving up on me, even though I gave up on myself in the past quite a few times.


Thank you



“In September 2010 my wife persuaded me to join her when she decided to switch personal trainers and I went along to get assessed by Matt. I was nervous and apprehensive at first as I had 2 stone to lose and had recently developed problems with my blood pressure. My objective was to shift the excess weight and improve my diet so that I could avoid having to be on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life. My first session with Matt was a ‘baptism of fire’ and I thought I’d never survive it, it was touch and go! During that first session Matt showed me that no matter how unfit you think are and how little your mind tells you your body can do, you can always go that little bit further than you thought.

After the initial two weeks I was already feeling better in myself and within two months I had received test results confirming I no longer had blood pressure problems, and I went on to drop the two stone and then some! With Matt there are no shortcuts, just good advice, hard work and consistency. If you do as he says you’ll definitely see results!”

Paul Traynor

“I’ve been training with Matt for a year now and the results have been amazing. What separates Matt from other trainers is that he gives structured training programs on paper that can be followed outside the sessions, and the way he adapts the programs regularly to make sure that training is having the maximum possible effect. I really appreciate the fact the Matt’s approach to training is holistic and not focused solely on the training sessions, but encompasses advice and consideration of nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and varied exercise regimes beyond the gym. It really has given me an appreciation for making positive long-term lifestyle changes that provide the best chance of achieving weight-loss and a good level of strength and fitness. Matt is professional, friendly and makes training a pleasure.”

Alexis Vokos


“Based on an initial talk & assessment with Matt, he devised a training program designed to achieve my goals in a manner that would be attainable & interesting for me. In addition, expert tuition of technique and reasoning behind details of programs allows you to have a greater understanding of training. Training is tough but well worth the effort and dedication.

Matt engages you in why you eat certain foods enabling you to plan meals and judge food correctly in tune with your goals. The real benefit of this is being equipped with knowledge and habits that can last you for the rest of your life.

Matt is able to mix things up with training and has the ability to be flexible with the program to cater for any changes in your aims – short-term or long-term. I would definitely recommend him and am delighted with the decision to start training with him.”

Rory Brennan

“I had my first consultation with Matt in the Summer of 2010, after I had recovered from a dislocated shoulder. It can be daunting to go to a gym or personal trainer for the first time, but Matt devised a personalised programme for me, covering exercise, healthy eating and most importantly, plenty of encouragement for what to do between the training sessions. Working with Matt as my personal trainer over these past two years has been a great step forward for me, and has enabled me to make a series of changes for the better.”

Desmond Gibney

“I have been attending Matt’s training with my son for the last 3 months.

As I have been getting older, I am now 66, I felt that I needed to start an exercise regime to make up for all of the years of no exercise. I was particularly concerned with my weight and my waistline.

Matt has worked with me to develop a program that fits around my work schedule and does not interfere with my life. Since I have started with Matt I have lost 30 pounds and my waist has reduced by 4 inches.

I am feeling and looking a lot better. I also now have significantly more energy and have started walking which is something that I have not done in years. I now look forward to my sessions in the gym with Matt.”

Tom Dunne

“I have being training with Matt for the last 3 months. Initially I went for health reasons as my doctor told me that I was at risk if I did not start exercising. My body fat content was high.

Since I have started on the regime that Matt developed for me I have lost 8kgs and my general health and fitness has improved immensely. My doctor was particularly happy with my progress especially with my reduced cholesterol level.

Matt developed a complete health regime including a gradually escalating intensity workout routine and also a dietary programme.

I have found this easier than I initially anticipated but sufficiently challenging to make me feel that I have accomplished something. I tried something similar a number of years ago but gave up due to frustration with my lack of progress.”

Gavin Dunne

“I have been training with Matt for a little over 2 years. In that time I have managed, with Matt’s assistance, to reduce my weight from 94 kg to 81 kg and my body fat percentage from 30% to about 16%. The fitness and dietary programs that Matt has devised for me over the 2 years have not only allowed me to get into shape but have enabled me to maintain my new weightand keep my body toned and properly exercised. These changes have had a wonderful effect on my own self confidence. On seeing what Matt has achieved with me, a number of my friends have since sought Matt’s advice on improving their own physical fitness.”

Frank Flemming

“Before my sessions with Matt, my training had become stale and I was frustrated at not reaching my goals. Matt’s advice, not only on training, but also on diet and general wellbeing helped me to lose over 10kg in weight and 7% in body fat in four months. I have recommended Matt to a number of my friends and family and they have all seen really positive results as well.”

Gary Disley

“In January 2011 I set myself a goal of competing in an Ironman in Zurich, Switzerland. I had recently competed in the New York Marathon in a time of 3hrs 19mins. Pretty good but I wanted to go faster! So I needed a fitness coach to get me to a goal of crossing the ironman line and then complete another faster marathon by the end of the year. I met Matt in February and he set me a fitness program and diet plan. Within 4 weeks I had dropped 10kg and toned up, fit for the season ahead. I met Matt every 4 weeks to set a new program and do the dreaded weight in. In July I crossed the finish line in Zurich to become an Ironman. However the challenge didn’t stop there. Matt developed a new program for me to set my goal of running a faster marathon. 8 weeks of intensive training got me to the start line of the Berlin marathon. Here I completed the course in a personal best time of 3hrs 8mins.

But the journey doesn’t end there. I meet Matt each month and he sets new programs and diet plans. He is an awesome personal trainer and mentor, and I certainly wouldn’t be in the best shape I have ever been, had it not been for Matt Corbett.”

Seamus Moore

“In September 2010 I decided to switch personal trainers and came to see Matt. As a type 1 diabetic my objective was to lose weight, tone up and improve my diet so that I could feel confident in myself and have better control of my blood sugars. I chose Matt on the advice of a friend of mine and for his expertise in weight loss, muscle gain and nutrition.

Within 3 months of training and good nutrition I started to feel great. 18 months on, I continue to train with Matt and I have lost weight, reduced my body fat from 31% to 19% and have better control of my blood sugars thanks to an improved diet and regular weight training. I still have lots to achieve and am looking forward to continuing to train with Matt.”

Niamh Moran

“Just a few words to say thanks for your help, I’ve been a member of Sanovitae Gym for 4 years now and it is only since November of 2011 that I went to you for help with my training.

Since then I have reduced my body fat from 22.2 to 16.7 and weight from 96.5 Kg to 91 Kg also toned up the rest of my body this is directly attributed to your structure and specific programme of diet,weights,and cardio workout. I plan to continue working with you in the future to attain even better results. I would recommend to anyone who plans to or is a member of Sanovitae to contact you for a personalised programme.

Once again many thanks for your attention to detail and constant monitoring of my program.”

Paul Finnegan

“After more than 30 years in the workforce, I decided to retire 3 years ago. As you can imagine, I had let myself go with regard to diet and fitness. I decide to join the gym in The Clarion, and seek some help and guidance. I met Matt Corbett for an assessment, and I can honestly say at this stage I have never looked back. I was a lost cause, as I had never even been inside a gym, and when Matt said to me on that first day “Jump up on that treadmill” ( that’s literally what I did, and just stood there !!!! ), he had no idea what he was letting himself in for.

Anyway, I think Matt took me on board as a challenge, and I can say that he has always been very professional in every aspect of his work. He will start you on the right road re training and diet, and if you follow his guidelines, well you really cannot go wrong.
I am reminded of a Coldplay song ” Nobody said it was easy “, and if I’m to be honest, it’s hard work, but the reward is definitely worth the effort. No pain, no gain, is so true !! I now feel a lot fitter and healthier than I ever did in my life before, and my golf has even improved!!

I am still training with Matt on a weekly basis, and for my part, it is a very small price to pay to stay fit and healthy. Your health is really your wealth!!”

P.J. Lawson

“After having two children, I was struggling to get back into shape and exercising, so I made an appointment with Matt. I’m delighted I did. Within 6 months, I had surpassed all my expectations. My body fat dropped from 19% down to 10.7 %!

With Matts guidance, I changed my bad habits, improved my eating habits and began exercising regularly. Matt explained the reasoning behind the training and eating habits, which really helped me to stick to it!

Matt is great at encouraging you in the right direction, even on those tough days! I am now stronger than I expected, feeling fitter than ever and my clothes fit properly!

Most importantly, Matt has helped changed my attitude towards eating and exercising. I always found it difficult to consistently exercise, but now I feel that has changed. I know I will carry on exercising and I have Matt to thank for that! I’d strongly recommend training with Matt if you want to see results!”

Rhona Synnott

“I joined Matt early December 2011 as I needed to lose weight and get fit! I can honestly say it has changed my whole attitude to exercise and my diet. Unlike a regular gym where you would be left to your own devices, the personalised one to one personal training is excellent. Matt changes my programme on a regular basis which adds variety and continues to push me to my limits but you really begin to feel the benefits of it. He is enthusiastic and supportive and genuinely cares about your progress and general health. It helped me address my overall well-being, my diet and attitude to training. It is also the greatest motivator knowing you are booked into a fitness session, knowing you can’t really cancel and let the trainer down, so it really is a brilliant incentive especially on those cold dark mornings!! Remember….no pain no gain!!”

Ross (26yrs old)


Please note that these testimonials are based upon individual results. Results may vary.